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Mary Nash Beaupre  

November 19, 1934 to June 16, 2014

To celebrate her life, Mary Nash Beaupre’s children John, Mark, Anne and Denise, support the growth and maintenance of the Alfond Youth & Community iSustainable Gardens through the Mary Nash Beaupre Fund.  All proceeds raised by the Maine Celebrity Classic will benefit AYCC youth programming, a 501 C-3 organization.


Mary always took time to extend her unconditional loving support to others, especially Waterville’s youth.  She extended her heartfelt support to those needing it most at her home, on downtown sidewalks, and in the classroom at Waterville High School where she taught aspiring nurses for over a dozen years.   She was a huge fan of the Alfond Youth Center, and consistently supported fundraising efforts to improve programming.  All four of her children spent countless hours at the original Boys Club Girls Club, where they gained their first experiences with athletics and the value of being part of a “something” outside of school.

Born in Bennington, Vt. to Dennis and Julia Nash, Mary was an only, beloved child and spent her happy childhood surrounded by a large, loving family of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  She cared deeply for everyone she came into contact with and this compassionate nature led her to pursue a nursing degree at University of Vermont's Fletcher School of Nursing. Upon graduation, she pursued her second vocational passion, as a teacher of nursing. Mary's love of education and teaching never ended and included obtaining a master's degree in education in her late 40s. While at University of Vermont, Mary met her future husband Eugene Beaupre, a fellow medical school student.

Married for 56 years, Mary and Eugene raised their four children, John, Mark, Anne and Denise in Philadelphia, Pa., Longmeadow, Mass., and finally, Waterville, Maine. Possessing a true servant's heart, Mary faithfully cared for family and friends sharing her passion and joy of living with everyone she touched. A woman of faith, and the heart of the Beaupre family, Mary shaped their spirituality with her tireless Christian example and strength. With a real zest for life, Mary loved art, travel, piano, bridge, reading, chatting with her friends and family, and play - especially with her cherished grandchildren, Nicole, Will, Luke, Harrison and Isaac. She took great delight in spending time with her children and their families, including her daughter-in-law, Tracy Beaupre and son-in-law, Rod Pendleton. 

        Mary's signature gift of joy, shown through her constant smiling, laughter, and joking around, will never be forgotten.    

Mary was a huge fan of the Alfond Youth Center throughout her years and consistently contributed financially.  Her children spent countless hours as youth at the original Boys Club as she loved the quality and mission of the programs and facility. 


Some of Mary’s fondest childhood memories in Bennington, Vermont were formed out on her extended family’s farm with her loving Mother, cousins, Aunts & Uncles.  Mary took her love of gardening with her throughout her life and shared her passion for digging in the dirt, developing beautiful flowerbeds, and visiting nurseries to enjoy the beauty of color, with her family and friends. 


Mary and Gene developed a garden adjacent to their home, open to friends and neighbors to enjoy.  Kids from the neighborhood relocate tadpoles to the water garden, and spend hours with nets inspecting the changes from jellied eggs to full grown frogs.  She loved the friendships that developed from the Garden Club in Waterville, and enjoyed the challenge of flower arranging for the Colby Museum of Art.  Mary found great solace with gardening and especially enjoyed sharing the wonder and beauty of nature & time outside with others.

Mary would love knowing that her memory is being used to further support the AYCC, particularly in the area of gardening and sustainability.  
Please join us in celebrating Mary’s life, thank you.


   Thank you Mary Nash Beaupre.  Your warmth, kindness, compassion and joy lives on and you will never be forgetton.       

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